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Mission Statement
To Provide excellent emergency medical care for the patients, Saint Joseph Hospital and Children's Hospital of Orange County. To constantly strive to improve emergency reaction to the community we serve.

To be compassionate to the community we serve; to consider the needs of the patient and family; to provide care that is respectful of the dignity of the individual; to be concerned with the ethical, moral and financial needs of our patients; and to be aware of the needs of Saint Joseph Hospital and Children's Hospital of Orange County.

EMSOC is Committed to meeting the needs of all we serve and contribute to the well-being of the community through its clinical care, education, communication and collaboration with all providers, Hospital Administration, Hospital staff, patients and their families.

Code of Conduct
We, the Emergency Department staff, dedicate ourselves to the best interests of our patients, their families and our community. We will practice competently, strive for excellence and follow this professional code of conduct.

  • Respect and value each other’s role, contribution, and limitations
  • Preserve and enhance each other’s self esteem
  • Support each other publicly; confront each other privately
  • Address and resolve disputes in a respectful manner
  • Assist one another proactively whenever possible
  • Support and reinforce team decisions
  • Recognize and reward desired behavior
  • Maintain reasonable expectations and communicate them clearly
  • Respect and tolerate personal and cultural diversity
  • Take responsibility for our own duties, decisions, and action

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